Sexologist in Montreal

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for individuals

and couples

Maude Villiard-Bernard


Why see a sexologist?

  • Because you're experiencing stress related to a sexual desire different from your partner.

  • Because you feel powerless regarding your intimate relationship.s.

  • Because you're encountering persistent discomfort during your sexual relations.

Furthermore, sexology deals with sexuality as a decrease
or absence of sexual desire “libido”, but also with relationships,
self-esteem, body image, gender identity, and more.

Sexologists intervene in various personal, emotional,
or relational difficulties in order to improve the
sexual balance of the individual in interaction with his environment.

As a sexologist, I also have the expertise to provide you
with support and tools if you are living with stress or
low morale that affects different areas of your life.

More than sex

Maude Villiard-Bernard

Specialties and interests

Relationships difficulties or regarding sexual desire

Sexual diversity, LGBTQIA2S+ community

Neurodiverse clientele

Adolescent clientele

Alternative sexuality (Polyamory, BDSM, etc.)


Numéro de permis :

I work with couples and individuals who want to communicate better, improve their sexuality or simply take a step back from a given situation.
My approach is interactive and based on exchange. I provide a relaxed, open, and non-judgmental space where you can get to know and understand yourself better.

You will have an accompaniment where you are involved in addressing your difficulties. In my office, you are the expert on your situation and I offer you
an outside perspective, tools, strategies, and structure so that together
we can unravel what is troubling you. I use a variety of clinical approaches including intersectional, harm reduction, and solution-focused.

I look forward to working with you!

I offer :

a counselling service in sexology for individuals and couples in person or virtually*

Spoken languages ENGLISH / FRANÇAIS

50 minutes sessions

Individual session $110, Couples session $135

A limited number of places at a reduced rate of $75/meeting, upon request,

for individuals in a precarious financial situation (e.g.: single parenthood,

income of less than $35,000/year, etc.)*

*individuals only

I don't offer :


Psychotherapy is a psychological treatment for a mental disorder, behavioural disturbance or other problem resulting in psychological suffering or distress, and has as its purpose to foster significant changes in the client’s cognitive, emotional or behavioural functioning, interpersonal relations, personality or health. Such treatment goes beyond help aimed at dealing with everyday difficulties and beyond a support or counselling role.

The following interventions are not psychotherapy, but are related to it: accompaniment, support intervention, conjugal and family intervention, psychological education, rehabilitation, clinical follow-up, coaching, and crisis intervention.

Our office

1760, st Atateken (previously Amherst)

Montreal QC H2L 3L6

Monday to Thursday
11 AM - 7 PM